Chad Serafine, known as Sera-fine is a pillar in the Underground music scene. He helped the scene grow and flourish to what it is today by either working at or having part ownership in nearly every Underground Shop and Record Store in Central Florida from the late 80’s through the 90s. He played all the old skool, breaks, trance, house, deep house, and has since moved on to his own mystical genre that synchs the hearts and souls of people together, healing the mind, body and spirit.
His love for performing live DJ sets all started in the late 80s in Orlando, FL. He started performing at Visage, Pure Energy/WWIII at the Beecham Theatre. Then moved on to playing at various clubs around Orlando, onto Hammer Jacks & Masquerade in Tampa. To Gainesville, performing @ Simon’s & The House, and all over & Miami/Ft Lauderdale. During this time, Sera-fine helped to produce mix compilations & music for various labels including un-copywritten material.
Sera-fine then moved on from Florida to do live performance from east coast all way up to NYC, playing at Limelight & Club USA. Venturing to many other venues across the country, all the way to the west coast. Nevada, Seattle and San Francisco performing at the famous clubs 1015 Folsom & Club DV8. Sera-fine then ventured outside the country, performing his own mixtures of genres in Canada, Thailand & Europe.
He has performed beside and worked with the biggest names in the electronic music industry, such as Carl Cox, Dave Cannalte, Seb Fortaine, Dj Icey, Keoki, DJ Stylus, Tiesto, Mike and Charlie, Nick Warren, Huda Hudia, and even the legendary artist Carlos Santana just to name a few. In the 90’s, Sera-fine a numerous amount of times had been rated one of the top 100 DJ’s in the world.
Sera-fine also received a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering at MIT. He has been an engineer to many major manufactures for professional electronics and Top-Secret Military projects that both won awards for circuit designs and application. These include common professional audio and consumer grade audio along with DJ equipment still used currently today. His engineering designs were used to build sound systems in Super Clubs across the county.
Sera-fine along a few others were featured in Car Stereo Review Magazine for design work on Shaquelle O’neal’s “Van of Def”. He helped design & build Shaq’s home theatre systems & designed many other celebrities’ home & audio. He also built & designed Shaq’s music studio where he first produced his 1st album, where he is now known as DJ Diesel.
His love for music & sound engineering is still going strong. Sera-fine is currently hosting live streams, live DJ performances, producing and collaborating with various artists in the music industry.